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The ULPGC has become a member of the Club for Excellence in Management, which is a non-profit organisation made up of companies and organisations of all sizes representing all types of activity spheres, that aims to be a benchmark and a meeting point for organisations striving for excellence. This Club was created in April 1991 in Madrid and today has more than thirty associated Spanish Universities. The Department of the Vice-President for Educational Quality and Innovation, Raquel Espino Espino has taken care of the procedures required. 
The Department of the Vice-President for Educational Quality and Innovation also continues to develop the tools required to implement the European Higher Education Area in the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. To this end, the DOCENTIA-ULPGC programme and the Quality Assurance System have been drawn up, the latter to act as a framework for the ULPGC’s centres. Thanks to these two programmes, the ULPGC fulfils the quality standards defined to guarantee the quality of the teaching staff and studies. These standards were approved by the Ministers who signed the Bologna Process at the Bergen meeting in 2005 and are included in the document entitled The standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area, drawn up by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

The DOCENTIA-ULPGC programme evaluates teaching quality, by means of a model and procedure developed by the ULPGC, in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Spanish National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA). The aim of this programme is to provide an ANECA-approved programme to allow teaching staff to be promoted and to receive due recognition and to accredit training and education programmes. At the same time, the design of training programmes adapted to the needs detected during the evaluation process aims to provide on-going improvement in the quality of teaching activities. 

The Quality Assurance Systems include the activities developed by different university centres related to quality assurance in training and education programmes. The Department of the Vice-President for Educational Quality and Innovation has designed a tailor-made framework which will act as an umbrella covering all the teaching centres, which should, in turn, adapt the model to their specific circumstances. This framework model has been developed following the guidelines set down in the AUDIT programme of the ANECA. This agency reviews these systems and has approved the ULPGC’s proposal, subject to the incorporation of some modifications that will enable it to obtain the corresponding certificate for those centres that have participated in the first call for proposals: The Faculty of Translation and Interpreting and the Faculty of Veterinary Science. The Quality Assurance System framework model has also been adapted to other centres, namely the Faculty for Physical Activity and Sports, the Faculty of Geography and History, the Faculty of Philology and the Faculty of Marine Science. These faculties should participate in the ANECA’s next call for proposals so that their Quality Assurance Systems can be evaluated and subsequently certified by the ANECA.

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