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This next academic year, 2009/2010, students arriving for the first time at the university will be able to begin one of the five new undergraduate degrees adapted to the European Area for Higher Education (EAHE), or one of the 48 official degrees offered. Spain has joined the EAHE and so all the adapted university qualifications are articulated in the new structure of three cycles: undergraduate, official postgraduate and doctorate studies. These structures share the same assessment system (ECTS credits), similar quality criteria and a degree model that is easy to understand for everyone.

The ULPGC offers 5 undergraduate degrees, 9 official postgraduate programmes and 8 doctorate programmes following the new European structure.

The European undergraduate degrees are:
  • Geography and Land Use
  • History
  • Physical Activity and Sports Sciences
  • Translation and Interpreting: English-German
  • Translation and Interpreting: English-French
Students who choose to take degrees in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and Translation and Interpreting have to sit specific entrance exams. All the relevant information can be found on the ULPGC’s website, at www.ulpgc.es and on the students’ portal www.ulpgcparati.es
Official Masters
The official postgraduate programmes offered by the ULPGC are listed below:
  • Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance
  • Master’s Degree in Marine Cultures
  • Master’s Degree in Coastal Management
  • Master’s Degree in Oceanography
  • Master’s Degree in Tourism Management and Planning
  • Master’s Degree in Intervention and Mediation in Families
  • Master’s Degree in Spanish Language and Culture: Professional and Business Development
  • Master’s Degree in Education Processes
  • Master’s Degree in Intelligent Systems and Numerical Applications in Engineering


ULPGC qualifications: ULPGC Master and Expert Programmes

The ULPGC’s Centre for Lifelong Learning, a mixed unit formed by the University and the Las Palmas Canary Islands University Foundation, offers a variety of its own postgraduate qualifications for the 2009-2010 academic year, including a wide range of master and expert programmes oriented to the workplace.
The subjects offered in these master and expert programmes are of a practical nature and are linked to the requirements of the job market, representing a major advantage in today’s competitive society.
This type of training is vital given the new demands of the workplace that require employees to be trained not only in the specific knowledge of their university studies, but also in different complementary areas, in order to ensure that people are more adaptable to the different jobs available. In these circumstances, postgraduate training should be viewed as an opportunity and considered as a positive investment towards improving your professional career.
Those interested should go to www.ulpgc.es (studies [estudios] section, posgrados propios), or to the Lifelong Learning Centre of the ULPGC at www.formacioncontinua.ulpgc.es.

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