Friday, 20 July 2018 | 06:40
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This October, a meeting of the representatives of all the European countries that make up the Erasmus programme will be held in Sweden to celebrate the figure of two million student exchanges. Representatives from each of the participating countries have been chosen.

The Spanish representative at the Swedish meeting is Fernando Acosta, a ULPGC graduate in industrial engineering proposed by the ULPGC and included in the Spanish shortlist of three candidates. In the end, Europe chose Fernando Acosta as the Spanish representative in the selection meeting, thanks to his brilliant dissertation on the efficiency of Formula 1 engines carried out during his Erasmus exchange in Budapest and supervised by Vicente Hennríquez, a lecturer of the Process Engineering Department of the ULPGC.

Fernando Acosta, who was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 24 years ago, always knew that he wanted to work in Formula 1, hence why he chose automation and competition as the subjects for his dissertation. He participated in the Seneca and Erasmus programmes offered by the ULPGC, which enabled him to broaden his studies in Madrid and Budapest.

His work has been awarded a national prize and a second international prize, which may lead to him finding a job in the Renault Formula 1 Team. In his dissertation he has developed diffusers that reduce the mechanical losses of the air intake system of high-level competition engines that have been tested in technical simulations used in Formula 1 with innovative and satisfactory results.

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