Friday, 20 July 2018 | 06:43
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The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has satisfactorily concluded the positive assessment of the Quality Assurance Systems for all its Teaching Centres, which have obtained this positive assessment from the Spanish National Agency for Quality Assessment and (ANECA), with the Audit programme.

The University has participated in the second edition of the University Institute of Intelligent Systems ad Numerical Applications in Engineering, with a positive result.

For the participation of these centres in the AUDIT Programme, the Vice-President of Education Quality and Innovation has drawn up a Quality System Assurance Framework for the teaching centres of the University. Moreover, this system underpins the procedure for the accreditation of degrees in the new Spanish legislation framework.

The ANECA has established the AUDIT Programme to contribute to the recognition of the efforts to improve quality carried out by said institutions. Moreover, a model is being developed to certify those Quality Assurance Systems (SGC, in Spanish) that can prove that they have been properly put into practice. The full certification of this model will be published once it has been passed and it will include a system by which those universities that are interested in obtaining external recognition of their quality assurance system can take part on a voluntary basis. Raquel Espino, the Vice-President of Educational Quality and Innovation has confirmed that the ULPGC will definitely participate in the different sessions, as and when they occur.

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