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The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has set up a Project for the implanting of electronic Administration as a measure to facilitate user access to the services offered, making the whole process easier and enhancing service quality.

For 2011 the main objectives have been set as follows:

• The implanting of the ULPGC electronic headquarters, including electronic registry Registro, with a specific number of on-line procedures for students, lecturers and administration and service staff.

• A pilot plan to introduce electronic signatures of the students’ official grade certificates (Actas) by the Teaching and Research Staff.

A digital certificate accrediting the identity of the user is needed both in order to carry out on-line services through the electronic Headquarters and so that the teaching and research staff can sign the grade certificates electronically. The certificates most widely used in Spain are:
• The digital certificates issued by the Spanish Mint (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre [FNMT])
• The certificates used for electronic Spanish National Identity Cards (DNI)

To make it easier for members of the university community to request and install the Spanish Mint certificates, a guide and leaflet have been drawn up and are available on the web page of the ULPGC’s electronic administration.

Once the official certificate has been requested, identity must be accredited in person in one of the authorised Accreditation Offices. The ULPGC has set up two Accreditation Offices that will be open from Monday 23rd May on the following days in the following places, from 9 to 14:

- Administration Services Building: Mondays and Fridays
- Humanities Building: Tuesdays
- Health Sciences Building: Wednesdays
- Veterinary Science Building: Thursdays
- Engineering Building: Mondays to Fridays

Likewise, the ULPGC’s management informs the university community that a Web portal has been set up to disseminate all information of interest relating to the e-administration project.


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