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These students should contact the National Distance Education University (UNED), which will check the access requirements for students who meet the university access requirements in their countries of origin.
  1. The UNED will issue the DIGITAL ACCREDITATION through the UNEDasiss website
  2. The above accreditation will contain the following student data:
    • Student ID
    • Education system of origin
    • Type of studies undertaken
    • Transposition of marks obtained in their country to the Spanish grading system (between 5 and 10 points)
  3. These students can improve their admission mark at ULPGC by sitting the SPECIFIC COMPETENCY EXAMS in such subjects with the highest weighting. These exams may be taken at this University. ULPGC Weighting Tables These exams allow students to increase their mark by up to 4 points (it should be considered that the highest mark for admission to Spanish Universities is 14 points).
  4. Then they should apply for admission to ULPGC: PRE-REGISTRATION
  1. Students who have completed their pre-university foreign studies
    These students should request the homologation of their pre-university studies for the Spanish baccalaureate or the homologation of their foreign vocational studies for the equivalent Spanish studies.
    For more information visit the following link
    For these studies, ULPGC will consider a minimum admission mark of five (5). Then they should verify, through the National Distance Education University (UNED), the access requirements and admission mark required to access Spanish university studies.
    The above students applying for homologation may also apply for accreditation through the UNED. For such students ULPGC will consider as the admission mark the one appearing on the UNED qualification certificate, which will be the result of applying the following formula:
    (0.2XNMB) + 4, where NMB is the baccalaureate mark. (The mark will be between 5 and 6).
    They can improve this mark by up to 10 points by sitting the UNED Specific Competency Exams. ULPGC will consider as the admission mark of any student applying for accreditation the mark resulting from applying the following formula: (0.2 x NMB + 4), + 0.1x M1 + 0.1XM2 + 0.1x M3 + 0.1 x M4, where M1, M2, M3 and M4 are the subjects taken at the Specific Competency Exam. If, in addition, two of those four subjects (M1 and M2) are subjects that give a better mark depending on the degree programme that the student wishes to be admitted to at ULPGC, the UNED qualification may be increased by up to 4 points. AxM1 + AxM2 where A and B are the parameters used to weight the subjects in the ULPGC option phase.
  2. Students with partial or total foreign university studies who have not obtained the homologation and wish to continue their university studies at ULPGC (PARTIAL RECOGNITION)
    Such students must apply directly to the centre imparting the course they wish to study, by post or by any other method that certifies the application was made within the legal term. (Act 39/2015 of 1 October, Common Administrative Procedure of Local Governments). The following link indicates the application, term, documents to be submitted and address to which the documentation must be sent. It is not possible to apply simultaneously for the homologation of the degree and its partial recognition. It is only possible to apply for partial recognition if the homologation is rejected and if partial recognition is requested, it is not possible to subsequently apply for homologation. More information is available at
C.- ACCESS TO OFFICIAL MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMMES WITH A FOREIGN UNIVERSITY GRADUATE DEGREE, WHETHER OR NOT HOMOLOGATED BY THE SPANISH MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, CULTURE AND SPORT If you hold a university graduate degree issued by a foreign university and wish to access an official Master’s Degree Programme at ULPGC, you must provide the following documentation:
  • University degree certificate or a certificate issued by the foreign university at which you studied, accrediting its issue.
  • Homologation decision, if the degree was homologated by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.
  • Academic transcript issued by the foreign university, accrediting that the studies pursued by the interested party in that country allow them to Access Master Degree programme studies.
  • An academic transcript of the studies pursued issued by the foreign university, stating among others, the length in years of the course of study, a list of the subjects studied and passed with the hours of study of each subject, the university grading system indicating the minimum mark required to pass and the points on which the grading interval scale is based.
  • C.V.
  • Specific documentation required by the Master’s Degree programme.
  • Accreditation by ULPGC of level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, for a European language other than the mother tongue if this is a requirement to access the Master’s Degree programme in which the student wishes to pre-register. The following link provides information on the accreditation procedure.
  • Foreign candidates whose mother tongue is not Spanish must accredit at least Level B-1 for the Spanish language through the Instituto Cervantes Institute exam (DELE) or through the ULPGC test, as a requirement for admission to the programmes imparted by ULPGC, without prejudice to the language level required for them to obtain their qualification. For more information, visit.
  • Legalisation of documents, depending on the agreement signed by Spain and the issuing country.
D.- ACCESS TO AN OFFICIAL DOCTOR’S DEGREE PROGRAMME WITH A FOREIGN UNIVERSITY DEGREE CERTIFICATE As a general rule, to access an official Doctor’s Degree Programme, the student must be in possession of the official Spanish Degree Certificate or equivalent, and Spanish Master’s Degree Certificate. Furthermore, students in any of the following circumstances are granted access:
  • Students in possession of an official university degree certificate issued in Spain or in any other member state of the European Higher Education Area that grants the student access to a Master’s Degree Programme in accordance with the provisions of article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29 October and who have passed a minimum of 300 ECTS credits in the official university studies group, of which at least 60 must be Master’s Degree level credits.
  • Students in possession of a title obtained in accordance with a foreign education system, without the need for its homologation, subject to the university checking that it accredits an education level equivalent to that of an official Spanish Master’s Degree that enable the student to access a Doctor’s Degree course of study in the issuing country. This admission will under no circumstances imply the homologation of the title already held by the student or its recognition for any purpose other than accessing a Doctor’s Degree Programme.
LEGALISATION OF DOCUMENTS Legalisation of certificates and titles will depend on the agreement signed by Spain and he issuing country:
  • If the title was issued by any of the countries governed by the directives of the Council of the European Union concerning recognition of titles, it will not need to be legalised.
  • If the title was issued by a country signing the Hague Convention, the respective HAGUE APOSTILLE will be necessary.
  • If the title was issued by a country other than the above, it must bear the following seals:
- Seal of the Ministry of Education of the country of origin of the title, except those issued by Brazilian universities. - Seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin of the title. - Seal of the Spanish diplomatic mission in that country.
If the documents are not in the Spanish language they must be accompanied by their respective CERTIFIED TRANSLATION into Spanish.
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